jessie DEMAREE

// clarinet,vocals

A classically trained snake charmer, originally from the planet Saturn. Founding member of JFUNK.


// guitar,vocals


A man of many words, melodies and costumes.  He melts you with his Gemini tactics.  Founding member of JFUNK.

connor SAMPLE

// drum set,percussion


Groove- maker extraordinaire of Cod royalty.  Coco's beats have you like whhaaaaaa!?!?!


elliott FOX

// tenor sax.bass clarinet.flute.

Foxy, our other Gemini twin.  Treats no woodwind inferior to the next.  Bootsy Collins of the tenor sax.  Yabadabadooo baby!

molly PARKER

// electric guitar/ slide guitar

Creator of all green, squishy, flatulant noises.  Also of Cod royalty.  That guitar ain't the only he has that's pretty.

jeremy LENTZ

// drum set,percussion


Lord Gilgamesh.  Maker of time and of all times. Peer through his beard and see your true desires, which are inexplicably and always him. And his beard.