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Jerusafunk is Phoenix’s first and only Klezploitation band! Conceived in 2010 by Chris Del Favero (guitar) and Jessie Demaree (clarinet), the nine-piece ensemble creates a truly unique psychedelic world funk experience by seamlessly blending traditional Klezmer with American Funk and other world music genres such as Jazz, Thai Pop, Tropicalia, Bossa Nova, Cumbia, and Afrobeat . Phoenix New Times says, “Jerusafunk is not only one of the most original bands in town, it's one of the most fun.” 

Sharing the stage with widely- known acts such as George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic, Ozomatli, MarchFourth Marching Band and Har Mar Superstar, Jerusafunk is carving their own path within the national Funk, Soul, and World Music scenes. Toting a wide array of world instruments, a mystifying pedal-clad horn section, and polyglot lyricists, "One Nation Under a Groove," transcends to "One Universe Under a Groove." Be sure to check out Jerusafunk on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Youtube.

"Jerusafunk is not only one of the most original bands in town, it's one of the most fun."

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PHONE..................................................................(602) 509-3883

Jerusafunk 2018

Bowling with Jerusafunk for ECHO Magazine

Live at PJ's Lager House, Detoit, MI

   I’m not sure if there are any other Klezploitation bands in the world, but if there are, Jerusafunk should be crowned as the              royalty of such a movement.

  But for all its bizarre antics, Jerusafunk is made up of accomplished performers with a vast knowledge of world music. 

The group and its mighty horn section can jump from an all-out funk groove to a traditional klezmer song to a beat that heavily resembles contemporary hip-hop to a whole different Baltic sound seamlessly and most importantly with style.


"The Hierophant, the new album by Phoenix megagroup Jerusafunk will add even more dots to your world-music map as you delve into the band’s sound."

Jersufunk is a resplendent mix of heart and soul and a groovy sound that people of all walks of life can enjoy. The variety of music styles in the album is insane! 


There is nothing to compare them to in this century, and that’s the way I like it.


jessie DEMAREE

// clarinet,vocals

A classically trained snake charmer, originally from the planet Saturn. Founding member of JFUNK.


// guitar,vocals


A man of many words, melodies and costumes.  He melts you with his Gemini tactics.  Founding member of JFUNK.

elliott FOX

// tenor sax.bass clarinet.flute.

Foxy, our other Gemini twin.  Treats no woodwind inferior to the next.  Bootsy Collins of the tenor sax.  Yabadabadooo baby!

molly PARKER

// electric guitar/ slide guitar

Creator of all green, squishy, flatulant noises.  Also of Cod royalty.  That guitar ain't the only he has that's pretty.

connor SAMPLE

// drum set,percussion


Groove- maker extraordinaire of Cod royalty.  Coco's beats have you like whhaaaaaa!?!?!

jeremy LENTZ

// drum set,percussion


Lord Gilgamesh.  Maker of time and of all times. Peer through his beard and see your true desires, which are inexplicably and always him. And his beard. 

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