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A Creative Collaboration

Jerusafunk is a rising star in the national Funk, Soul, and World Music scenes. Our music is a fusion of eclectic influences, from funk to jazz to Afrobeat. We take inspiration from cultures all around the world to create a sound that is truly our own. With an arsenal of unique instruments and talented vocalists, we create energetic and unforgettable performances that leave our fans yearning for more. Come see us in action and join the Jerusafunk movement today!

Clarinetfest® 2024



In 2009, Jessie Demaree and Chris Del Favero came together, a musical collision that sparked the inception of JFUNK. Their partnership, akin to a potent reaction, marked the genesis of a revolutionary project in the Arizona music scene. Fast-forward to 2012, and the duo embarked on a two-year expedition throughout Central and South America. Immersed in the local music scenes, they performed, collected records, and gathered instruments, enriching their sonic palette with diverse influences. Upon returning in 2014, JFUNK resurfaced with a renewed vigor, infusing the Arizona music landscape with unprecedented sounds. With a lineup expanded to seven talented Arizona musicians, JFUNK delves into a genre-defying blend of Klezmer, Funk, Samba, Ethio-Jazz, Afrobeat, Taksim and Cumbia. Their music resonates with a distinctive, cross-cultural energy that pushes sonic boundaries. JFUNK's dedication to their craft is evident in their self-funded endeavors, including five tours, two albums, and five videos. Sharing stages with notable acts like George Clinton, March Fourth Marching Band, Harmar Superstar, Calexico, Brownout, and Combo Chimbita, the ensemble has established itself as a formidable presence in the musical landscape. The journey of JFUNK reflects not just musical exploration but a commitment to cultural immersion, offering audiences an authentic and eclectic experience that transcends the ordinary.


PHONE..................................................(602) 509-3883
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